10X || TENX Ethereum Token ICO
10X lottery game in the Ethereum blockchain
Your bet determines how much you will win and your lucky number.
This is the number you are playing.
You`ll get this Ether back in your wallet.
You`ll get these 10X tokens in your wallet.

Warning: By clicking * Play * or interacting with 10X, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and you represent, warrant and agree to ensure that your use of our services will comply with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations.

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White Paper

This ICO has been cancelled due to a technical issue identified by the community at Bitcointalk forum

The ICO (Initial Coins Offering) is 2,000 10X tokens per 1 ETH (which can be monetized at a rate of 0.1 ether / 10X when the game ends).
We will issue no more than 10 Millions of 10X tokens in this ICO

How to contribute?

From where to send from?

You have to send Ether funds from your personal Ethereum wallets like:
MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity, Mist or Ledger (hardware wallet). 
DO NOT send funds from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex etc...DO NOT send your funds before the fundraiser has begun .

What parameters to consider?

Set Gas Limit to 250 000 (during high-load network).
Set the gas price at 60 GWEI (during high-load network).
10X tokens will be sent immediately to the wallet from which the Ether arrived

Who is eligible?

By participating in this fundraiser I agree to the terms and conditions and confirm that I am not a citizen of the USA or Hong Kong.

The Contribution Period for the 10X token will begin at ~01pm GMT (UTC+7) on August 20th 2017.

How to add your tokens to your Wallet?
Check this video 

Key Features of the Game


Each country comes with its own variant of the lottery, its own laws and its own principles. 10X is worldwide, totally decentralized. Anyone from any country can play by using the widely popular Ethereum coins.

Better redistribution

While the classic lottery is redistributing around 50% of its revenues or less, 10X redistributes more than 75%. No need to use balls to get a result, we use the blockchain mechanism to drawn the winning number. It is more secured and more modern than the way it is done today.

Immediate results

No need to wait a week or more, you get an instant result, thank to the immediate and secured blockchain technology and the Ethereum smart contract. Unlike the old fashion way, every bettor has his own personalized drawn.

Less risk, more gains

While you can dream wining the lottery, statistics are showing that it will probably never happen. 10X gives you 1 chance to 10* to win. 10X is adapted to the blockchain, it is not a copy, it is an innovation.


An honest smart contract, with a goal: making money now.

A Virtual Finite-state machine that lives in the block-chain

Transparent, secure, as resilient as Ethereum can be, the source is 100% in the block-chain as an ETH smart contract and does not relies on any external libraries (Oraclize). The contract can switch in 5 different modes and make decision by itself. Depending on the funding levels, the smart contract can switch in the required mode. It can also deal with hackers and spam bots.

An Investor dream.

Either you win 10 times what you bet, or you get 10 times what you bet in 10X tokens. The 10X token has a value that is growing every time someone losses. Every loss is an investment into the 10X token. Think about it, the more people play, the more wealthy is the community! This traction is pushing the 10X toward 0.10 Ethers like a magnet.

Smartest Ethereum Blockchain Game

10X is designed to be the smartest blockchain game ever. It is the first game of its kind: because you never lose! It is totally decentralized and do not know any borders. It is unstoppable.

Every time someone play, he either wins 10 times his bet in Ether, or he wins 10 times his bet in 10X tokens.

The 10X token is a tradable token on the crypto markets exchanges (*1). The conversion in 10X token is made in a such way that the 10X token is gaining organically more value every time someone loses. Simply said, if the player loses, he actually purchase 10X Tokens.
The more people are playing the higher the value of the 10X token is.
You can invest into any futarchy inspired tokens, none of them has an organic growth programmed at its core like the 10X token.

Also because the 10X does not rely on any 3rd party, no Oraclize or anything else than the blockchain itself, it is as solid and resilient as the Ethereum.

The average redistribution rate of this game is 75%. It is about twice any national lottery.

As a community of 10X token owners, we all want to be rich, and that`s the goal. 10X value equal 1/10th of Ethereum is the ultimate goal. To get to this point we only need to bring as many players as we can. It is viral, every new player is an potential investor. It is a game where when you play, you cannot lose. You either win Ethers, or 10X.

A truly smart contract running like a finite state machine.

Mode 1: Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding mode is the mode of the ICO. The contract is asking Ethers to fund the bank and in exchange delivers 10X tokens at an unmatchable price (up to 10,000 tokens for 1 Ether). The first ICO is manually setup, but if the bank has less than 100 Ethers, then the contract switches into the crowdfunding mode automatically.

Mode 2: The game mode

This is the normal game mode. When the bank is funded the contract switches into this mode and anyone can send Ether to the contract address. The player win, he gets 10 times what he bet in Ether. If he loses, he get 10 times what he bet in 10X tokens. This is a game where you never lose.

Mode 3: No more 10X

The game is designed to run for millenniums, but what will happen if there is no more 10X to be delivered? The game will continue to work but will not deliver anymore 10X to the player who loses, the token will be then only controlled by the market, through the exchanges. More 10X can be minted by the owner if necessary.

Mode 4: paused

In case of emergency, the game / crowdfunding can be paused. This guarantee that in case of hacking attempt, DOS attack or whatever event impossible to predict, we can pause everything and investigate. Then we can use our tools like blacklisting the nasty addresses, refund the users, duplicate the contract on another address, and once everything is alright, switch back to game mode.

Mode 5: the goal is achieved.

The goal of the game is 0.10 Ether per 10X. If this goal is achieved, then it becomes cheaper to play the game and voluntarily lose than buying 10X at the exchange rate. This is a paradoxical mode that is part of this gaming experience. We then enter in the 5th dimension. What will happen? How the markets will react? Are the investors going to play the game to buy 10X at a better rate?


  • Why a lost bet delivers 10X fixed to 0.10 Ether instead of using its current market rate?

    The Goal of the game is to reach one 10X = 0.10 ETH. If we reach this point we are all rich and we can celebrate. The reason why the 10X token has a value of 0.10 ETH is to move the value of the 10X toward this value automatically like a magnet. It is an important rule of the game that almost guarantee that the value of the 10X will grow.

  • How the token value can go up if you mint more tokens for each lost bet?

    No new tokens are minted in the process. The contract has 20,000,000 tokens total at its creation, 10,000,000 max are given at the initial ICO to fund the bank. Whatever is not sold plus the remaining 10,000,000 is the total number of tokens available. In the event of the supply is too low, we can decide to stop delivering any tokens at the game (for example we reach the goal of the game at 0.1 ETH / token but we do not want that this rule to drag the price down to 0.1 ETH) or we decide to mint more token to supply the demand. This inflation might be necessary if the token is successful, so we keep this option in case this happens. .

  • Is this game is community oriented?

    The game is designed to be as community oriented as possible. Every player who loses is a token owner. Every new player coming in is a potential shareholder. The community will work together to make this game a success by posting in the Chinese, Japanese, Russian and other foreign languages forums, in order to get as many people into it. It is a pyramid where everyone who enters makes everyone else richer. Think about it, how anything can be more viral than that?

  • How can I contact you after the ICO?

    I am online and watching all the time, you can contact me anytime though Discord App. We are all in the same boat.

  • What will happen after the ICO?

    This contract is not like any other. The game and the crowdfunding are the same contract. The game can switch in 5 different modes depending on the situation and the contract has many external functions so that anytime the game can ask more funding, and any parameters can be changed once the contract is running without having to kill it. The game is not only to win 10 times your bet, it is an intelligent bot, driving the 10X token in the direction of 1/10 ether no matter what.

  • How am I going to become rich with this token?

    Most tokens are designed with an impossible goals to reach. The 10X token is a smart contract tailored for the blockchain, it is a new type of game that mixes gambling and dabbling in the stock exchange. It does not aim at doing a revolution or to be a new religion. The author of the contract does not print many tokens (10 Millions at the ICO to be compared with Billions for most other`s contract). This gives the flexibility to adjust the price of the 10X token in times, and compensate the investors by buying or printing 10X. Every time someone loses his bet; the 10X goes up. And the limitation in the 10X token availability almost guarantee that its value will be higher than most other tokens which do not have an engine to move them higher. The token printing is not set by one ICO, it is done over the time when people are playing. It is some sort of unlimited and never ending ICO. We will mint 10X on demand if necessary. Inflation is a tool to balance the supply and demand and avoid the token to stall.

  • How is handled the randomization, is it secured?

    YES! The entire algorithm is working in the blockchain, so is the randomization. The random number is miner proof, and is impossible to guess, at least guessing it using hashing determination would give 1 chance from 256 to find the drawn number, playing the game gives you 1-9 chance, so there is no incentive to try to hack the random number system if playing the game is more efficient. It is a special feature that asked some research. It is unique to this contract, but I guess will be re-used by others in the future. You can check the contract and see by yourself if you are a programmer.

  • What if someone steals the contract`s wallet?

    10X has another unique feature. No one can control the contract without an additional password. Even if you control the wallet, without this password, you cannot add more tokens, or control any aspect of the game. Because all external functions are using a password that is hashed (SHA256) and stored when the contract is created. It is impossible to guess. And every external function are requesting this password in order to be executed.

  • What about the hackers, Spammers and Bots?

    10X has some new features about fighting hackers, trolls and spammers. Addresses can be blacklisted or freed from an external call, so if anything happens that is out of the ordinary, the contract can be paused, and the suspicious address can be blacklisted manually. The contract can then continue to work. In some extreme cases, if some abnormal values are coming, the contract can decide itself to blacklist the suspicious addresses. Of course the owner cannot blacklist himself! Note: Tarpitting has been removed because it could block the exchanges with false positives and also it was costing +100,000 of gas alone.

  • My address seems to be blacklisted!

    Contact us in private at Discord App and we will unlist your address. The security is mean to avoid bots damaging the game. If you tried something, apparently it didn`t worked. Don`t do it again.

  • What happen if the game has not enough Ethers ?

    This should not happen but if the contract goes below the minimum of 10 ETH, the game switches automatically in crowdfunding mode or switch to pause mode, all depending on if we are in autopilot mode or not. If we switch back to crowdfunding is a good opportunity to get 10X Tokens for hundred times their value. The length of the temporary crowdfunding is by default 1 day, but this can be changed to any time by owner. Note: a new mode has been added in the latest version of the token were we can go below 100 ETH down to 10 ETH. .

  • What happen if the game has not enough 10X to pay for a loser bid?

    If the game run out of 10X, an exception is generated and the game switch in another state, it continues to work, but no 10X are sent to a lost bid address. The state of the game is explained on the website so that no one can be caught by surprise. The owner can mint more 10X anytime to avoid this event to happen, or he can leave the game without printing to many 10X if he wants to keep the number of 10X value at the exchange at a high rate.

  • Can I bet on the Zero?

    No you can`t, you can only play with the numbers between 1 to 9 by design, it is because the number you are playing is calculated from the money you send in your transactions, and this transaction cannot be 0 Ether, then the number 0 is not accepted. This is also the trick that makes the game profitable for the bank. The 0 cannot be bet but it can be drawn. The game would not work if otherwise.

  • What happens if the bank is out of money?

    This should not happen, but in the case it does, an error is generated and the transaction is cancelled. The money sent is refunded automatically as the transaction failed. 

  • Can I play with 10X instead of Ether?

    No you cannot. It is an Ether based game. Your 10X can be hold or sold in an exchange.

  • What are 10X tokens?

    10X tokens are ERC-20 compatible tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC-20 smart contract. They are compatible with any exchanges that are supporting this standard .

  • How the ICO works?

    The 10X Token distribution will take place over 10 days starting on August 20Th, 2017 approximately at 13:00 UTC. Ten Millions (10,000,000) 10X Tokens will be distributed with value of 2,000 10X = 1 Ether.
    100 ETH are the minimum expected to fund the bank, but the game can work with as low as 10 ETH. If more Ether are raised, then the maximum bet level will be raised accordingly with a 1/100 max bid. The 10X not sold will NOT be burned, they will be delivered according to the game rules to the player who lost their bet
    In the case of all the 10X are sold before the end of the distribution period, the distribution will be stopped earlier, the game will switch into pause mode and we will change the website first page to reflect the game modes, bet lists, results et...

  • What wallets are compatible?

    For the ICO or for the game, we do not support shared wallets, because they are incompatible by design to redistribution.

    The contribution can be made using Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Mist, Parity or imToken.

    The following wallets are known to be incompatible wallets; this is not a complete list. Do not use any of the following wallets to participate to either the ICO or the game:
    Any Bitcoin exchange, Any Ethereum exchange, Jaxx , Exodus , Coinbase , Poloniex, Kraken , Bitstamp , Bitfinex , Bittrex , HITBTC, Cex.io... etc...

  • Can I participate in the crowdsale without creating an Ethereum address?

    No, because 10X is a token issued on Ethereum blockchain, so you need to have an Ethereum address to receive and store your 10X tokens. You can use any Ethereum wallet: MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity, Mist or Ledger.

  • Can I participate with Bitcoins?

    No, you need to send Ethers, but you can change your Bitcoins in an exchange website and then move these Ethers to a personnal wallet like https://myetherwallet.com for example. Then you can send your Ethers to the game contract address listed on this website.

  • Will tokens be available on the exchanges after the ICO ends?

    Yes, of course.

  • Who are you?

    I am TheWolf, a veteran game developer and a pure geek with +35 years of experience, I have an extensive experience in programming, I have been in IPO when Internet was hot like the Crypto is now, I have the experience in being in a startup core team, I have an extensive experience in file sharing, web security and many domains related to computer programming. My first game was on MSX in Z80, my first commercial game was on Atari ST. The 10X token is owned by the blockchain as it relies on nothing else than itself. If you think that it is necessary to have a long list of partners to run an excellent concept in the blockchain, then remember, it was not Microsoft who created Bitcoin, and not Google who created Ethereum. And remember, the more capital investors, or brand name the more token given. These people are asking a lot of tokens.

List of some crazy things that can happen with 10X

1- if the price of the 10X reaches its goal, it will be then less expensive to buy the 10X token by losing a bet than to pay the regular trading price in an exchange. People then could get 10X playing the game and losing, then sell them in an exchange and making money.

2- if you play x ether at the 10X lottery and you lose. Just wait that the game finish and the 10X goes up to 0.1 ether. You can then sell your 10X Tokens at the same price or more. You played a lottery and you lost, but you are refunded!

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